Cleaning & Janitorial Supplies in Buffalo, NY

At RJs Janitorial we are more than just Buffalo, NY's commercial cleaning services. We are also the local choice for cleaning & janitorial supplies.  If you are looking for quality janitorial supplies you can have on-hand for your business, you can purchase them directly from us. We sell quality, green cleaning supplies and products from Brulin and Dynosol. Everything is available at affordable prices.  The cleaning supplies we offer include: odor killer, toilet bowl cleaner & lime buster.

Browse our current product list to place your order. If you have any questions or can’t find the cleaning supplies you’re looking for, give us a call at (716) 235-5695.

We carry the best selection of janitorial supplies on the market.

Cleaning Supplies Buffalo, NY
Item Name: Enzyme Odor Killer
Manufacturer: Brulin
Price: $ 7.5
Description: Bac-Zap ™ RTU Enzyme Odor Counteractant / Deodorant Attacks Uric Acid Odors Immediately by a Powerful Enzyme/Digestion Process Zero Environmental Impact Specially bred enzyme/bacteria cultures attack and break down the uric acid molecules like nothing else before. It does the job by digesting the source, just the way nature does it...but does it in minutes rather than days or weeks, with zero environmental impact. Destroys malodors by eliminating the source. Vanilla herb fragrance. Sold per 32oz a bottle.
janitorial supplies Buffalo, NY
Item Name: High Acid Bowl Cleaner
Manufacturer: Brulin
Price: $ 6
Description: Bowlaide - Toilet Bowl & Urinal Cleaner & Deodorizer Heavy-Duty - Removes Rust, Lime, Hard Water Scale Eliminates Odors Ready-to-use, 23% hydrochloric-based cleaner for heavy-duty scale removal on bowls and urinals only. Quickly eliminates rust, lime, hard water scale, organic deposits and offensive odors from vitreous china, tile, porcelain & enamel. Sold per 32oz a bottle.
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toilet bowl cleaner
Item Name: Low Acid Bowl Cleaner
Manufacturer: Brulin
Price: $ 4.5
Description: 9% Clinging Bowlaide Acid Bowl Cleaner Thickened Formula - Clings to Surfaces for Longer Contact Time Powerful - Removes Rust, Lime & Uric Acid Deposits Deodorizes  Eliminates Offensive Odors Septic Tank Safe - Bacteria Action Unharmed Ready-to-use, 9% hydrochloric-based toilet bowl cleaner. Thickened formula clings to surfaces for longer contact time. Powerful cleaner removes rust, lime & uric acid deposits. Deodorizes and eliminates offensive odors. Septic tank safe so will not harm bacteria action. Sold per 32oz a bottle.
Environmentally Friendly Toilet Bowl Cleaner
Item Name: Non-Acid Bowl Cleaner
Manufacturer: Brulin
Price: $ 4
Description: Green RTU Non-Acid Bathroom Cleaner Signature Fresh Floral Fragrance - Leaves Area Smelling Clean One-Step - Cleans & Disinfectants Multi-Purpose - For Use on All Washable Restroom Surfaces Inhibits Growth of Mold & Mildew - Eliminates Odors Ready-to-use, non-acid bathroom disinfectant cleaner for daily use in toilet bowls, urinals and on all washable restroom surfaces. Signature, fresh floral fragrance blooms into the room - very pleasant to use. Inhibits the growth of mold and mildew. Effective against a wide range of bacteria. See product label release for complete list of disinfectant claims. Sold per 32oz a bottle.
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